If You Can Dream It, We Can Get You There!

We’ve just unveiled a new advertising campaign that encourages people with physical disabilities to go out and live their dreams!The ads are also designed to raise awareness of adaptive automotive solutions among the general public.

Carrying a tag line of “If You Can Dream It, We Can Get You There,” the ads feature inspiring photos of people in wheelchairs living active lifestyles, with the adaptive vehicles provided by Bussani Mobility Team giving them full access to all that life has to offer. The campaign focuses on the key lifestyle segments of: Seniors, Families, Romance, Sports, and Adventure.

Click here to see the ad!

“Our vision has always been to help people with disabilities regain their ability to enjoy full and complete lives,” said Daniel Bussani, Vice President at Bussani Mobility Team. “Having a vehicle that’s been fitted to their special needs gives our customers a true gift…the experience of regaining their independence. We hope that some of our ad placements will help to educate caregivers and the general population about how adaptive mobility vehicles can change peoples’ lives and give them new hope to live out their dreams.”

The “Dreams” ad campaign is part of a multi-faceted awareness program that Bussani Mobility Team is implementing throughout the year. Other components of the program include: open houses, educational sessions for healthcare practitioners and other key influencers, sponsorship of local sports events, vehicle donations, contests, social media campaigns, and publicity campaigns.