Consider Comfort When Selecting a Wheelchair Accessible Van

Sadly, most people in need of wheelchair accessible vans assume they have to take what they can get. But the fact of the matter is many models out there are getting more and more accommodating in terms of passenger comfort. Before you put own your money on a
van that’s wheelchair accessible
, consider these aspects of comfort and convenience.

New Wheelchair Accessible VansThink About Height:
Whether or not the individual in the wheelchair will be the driver or the passenger needs to be taken into consideration. The amount of height within a van that is wheelchair accessible can be determined by the amount of space the floor has been lowered. There are many models of
new wheelchair accessible vans
out there that have a 10 inch lowered floor. This allows ample space for most people but exceptions can usually be made for taller individuals.

New Wheelchair Accessible VansLifts and Ramps:
You’ll quickly discover that there are numerous different types of wheelchair lifts and ramps to choose from. If you want to play it safe and make sure you are selecting the type of lift that will provide the most interior space, you’ll want to look into an interior lift. These are installed on most newer models of wheelchair accessible vans. Of course, you can purchase an older model and have an interior lift installed in order to free up some space.

Consider Convenience:
Remember, the whole point of having a van wheelchair accessible is so that those with mobility impairments can ride in the same comfort and style as everyone else. Even small luxury items can make the van seem much more convenient for handicapped passengers. Consider things like safety handles, drink and food holders, hand controls and so on. If the individual in the wheelchair will be driving, they should have access to features such as cruise control, tilt steering, and ease of access just like a normal driver.

Keep an eye and ear out for these sorts of convenient features as you start your search for a dependable wheelchair accessible van and you’ll find that they can be just as comfortable and stylish as any other van on the road.