An Introduction to Wheelchair Van Ramps

An Introduction to Wheelchair Van Ramps
When looking for the right ramp for your wheelchair van NY, there are a few types to choose from—side-entry, rear-entry, or manual-entry. Each style has their own set of advantages and disadvantages that you should take into consideration before making a final selection. Read on to learn about each.

Side-Entry Wheelchair Ramps
As the name implies, side-entry ramps are positioned on the side of the vehicle, allowing passengers to safely enter and exit the vehicle from the side. Side-entry ramps make it easy to maneuver inside the vehicle while saving valuable cargo or passenger space in the rear of the vehicle. Side-entry ramps allow individuals to sit in the front seat as either the passenger or the driver.

Rear-Entry Wheelchair Ramps
The biggest advantage of having a rear-entry ramp is the ability to park just about anywhere, without requiring extra space for getting in and out of your vehicle. Because most mobility vehicles are slightly elevated, rear-entry vehicles offer plenty of ground clearance. Additionally, for those on a budget, a rear-entry ramp is generally less expensive to convert than other ramp styles.

Manual-Entry Wheelchair Ramps
Manual-entry wheelchair ramps are not as popular as the side or rear-entry ramps, but they are still a great option. As the name implies, manual-entry ramps are not automated. Although, they are generally less expensive and easier to maintain than other types of ramps. Manual-entry ramps are ideal for individuals who always travel with a companion, as they require assistance to raise and lower.

Knowing your options and doing your research when searching for a wheelchair van NY, or if you are looking to convert your vehicle,  will help you make the best choice for your circumstances and budget. At Bussani Mobility, we have a wide selection of vehicles with different ramps and conversion kits that allow you to find the right vehicle to accommodate your needs.