10 Things to Know About Purchasing an Accessible Vehicle: Part 2

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When purchasing an accessible vehicle, there are many decisions and accommodations to be made to ensure that the vehicle will meet your specific needs. In part 1 of this blog, we talked about how to find a reputable dealer and how to get the conversation started. Continuing on from that article, here are 5 more things to keep in mind when shopping for a mobility van in New York:

6) Getting the Right Fit
There are a variety of vehicle sizes and types to choose from. You will want to consider: whether the person using the wheelchair will be driving or be a passenger,  the dimensions of the wheelchair, garage/parking space available, size of your family, and your personal style. For those who need more room, a full-size van might work better than a minivan. If styling is your top priority, consider an SUV.

7) Rear-Entry vs. Side-Entry
Mobility vehicles are available with either a rear-entry or side-entry modification. Depending on your parking situation (home driveway, city street, parking garage), one may be more practical and safer than the other. Additionally, where you prefer to sit will determine what type of entry will work best.

8) Modified Vehicle vs. Having a Vehicle Modified
Purchasing a vehicle that has already been modified has its advantages — being able to see the finished product and not having to wait for your vehicle to be modified — and it is the most common way to buy an accessible vehicle. On the other hand, when a vehicle meets the age and mileage requirements, it can be sent to the factory for basic modifications to be made. If you need further customization, your local dealer will take care of that for you.

9) Warranty Included
Mobility dealerships that have been around for a while and have earned a reputation for being customer-friendly will often offer a warranty that you can depend on. For most, that is a three-year/30,000-mile warranty. Some BraunAbility vehicles come with an extended warranty on certified pre-owned vehicles that include a seven-year/100,000-mile warranty.

10) Take Your Time
Don’t be tempted to rush into purchasing the first mobility vehicle you find. Take your time. Sure, do some research online first, but then go to your local dealer to talk to a mobility specialist in person and find the vehicle that is just right for your needs, and that you will enjoy for years to come.
At Bussani Mobility, we can help you get mobile and keep you safe out there on the road. If you are looking for a new or used mobility vehicle in New York, check out our wide selection. We also have a full-service auto shop to assist with all of your vehicle’s maintenance throughout every season.

10 Things to Know About Purchasing an Accessible Vehicle: Part 1

mobility van in new york
Before purchasing a mobility van in New York, there are some things to take into account to ensure that you get a vehicle that meets your specific needs. Consider these:

1) Know Your Options
There are many options available when it comes to wheelchair accessible vans and adaptive mobility vehicles. No matter what your needs, age, dexterity, or level of independence are, there is a van, SUV or specialized driving equipment that will get you out on the road safely.

2) Find an Accredited Dealer
The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is dedicated to advocating for safe and reliable vehicle modifications. When you go through an accredited NMEDA dealer for your New York wheelchair van, you can confidently know you’re purchasing from a dealer who has a complete understanding of accessible driving equipment.

3) Choose a Dealer with Proven Experience
Find a dealer with a proven track record of satisfied customers. Do some research online to see how reliable the company is. Ask how long they’ve been in business. Do they have positive customer reviews?

4) Check Reviews
Read the customer reviews posted online to see how previous customers felt about their buying experience. Be cautious of doing business with dealerships with few or no positive reviews.

5) Talk Openly About Your Needs
When you are working with an experienced dealer, tell them your concerns and don’t be afraid to ask all of your questions. Being transparent about your mobility needs will help them find the perfect mobility solution for you.

At Bussani Mobility, not only are we NMEDA-certified, but we provide a highly personal experience for our customers purchasing a new or used mobility vehicle. You can even rent a mobility vehicle from our rental fleet to try-before-you-buy it. Come by and meet the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bussani Mobility, and we’ll help you find the right vehicle for you.
See part 2 of this blog article for 5 more important things to consider when choosing a wheelchair accessible van.

3 Used Wheelchair Van Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

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Purchasing a wheelchair van is a large investment, and decisions should be made with careful consideration. While shopping, some people experience a range of emotions, including both stress and excitement. Amidst all the excitement, there can sometimes be a lingering fear that you might end up purchasing the wrong vehicle or pay too much for it.

At Bussani Mobility, we’re committed to preventing this from happening to you. We’ll help you have an enjoyable and successful experience by assisting you in determining the vehicle that’s best for you and your budget. 

If you’re considering buying a used wheelchair van, we suggest that you be aware of and avoid these common care shopping mistakes:

1. Purchasing a Vehicle with an Unknown History
When you go it on your own, purchasing a used vehicle can be a gamble. Sometimes you get lucky and find one that runs like a dream, while other times, you may unknowingly end up with a vehicle that you just can’t rely on. But by going through your local mobility dealer, they’ll make sure you know the vehicle’s history and that it has been fully inspected for safety.

2. Settling for Mysterious Wheelchair Van Financing Terms
Financing for a wheelchair van is similar to a traditional vehicle. Once you’ve completed the financing application, you’ll know how much you can afford to spend on a vehicle. Your mobility dealer will review which used or reconditioned vehicles they have in their inventory that are within your budget. The mobility specialist will go over your conversion options and how they will impact the overall cost of the vehicle. If there are any wheelchair van financing terms that you don’t understand, ask for clarification. Make sure you fully understand what you are signing.

3. Purchasing a Vehicle from a Middle Source
Whether you are purchasing a mobility vehicle or a kitchen appliance, there’s no substitute for buying direct from a reputable source. Be extra careful when considering buying a vehicle online, without a complete, in-person inspection. The best way to ensure you have a positive car buying experience is to purchase from a trusted mobility dealer, such as Bussani Mobility, with a storefront business location where you can always go to speak to your mobility specialist and get help. At Bussani Mobility, we’re committed to helping you find the right mobility vehicle for your needs, so you can get mobile and get back out there.