How to Prepare Your Mobility Van for Summer

How to Prepare Your Mobility Van for SummerSummer is fast approaching, which means that it’s time to start thinking about preparing your mobility van before the heat sets in. Here are five tips to get your accessible vehicle ready for the road ahead.

1. Schedule Air Condition Service

We all want to stay cool in the summer. But for individuals who have heat-sensitive conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, a properly functioning air condition unit is critical. Check your vehicle’s air conditioning system, in advance, so the whole family will be happy on your summer road trips.

2. Service Your Engine’s Cooling System

Coolant, also known as antifreeze, is responsible for keeping the engine of your vehicle from overheating. If the coolant levels in your vehicle are low, your engine will then run at a higher temperature than normal. Combined with the hot temperatures outside, you could potentially run the risk of having an expensive problem on your hands. Make sure to have your vehicle’s cooling system serviced before the summer months begin.

3. Have Your Tires Inspected

It’s recommended to regularly check the pressure in your tires per the manufacturer’s recommendations, as sudden changes in temperature can have a negative effect on the safety of your vehicle. Older tires are more likely to experience dry rot, bulging, or other dangerous conditions. Even if you don’t do a lot of driving, tires still have an expiration date and may need to be replaced.

4. Check Your Belts & Hoses

Over time, heat can cause your belts and hoses to become brittle and crack. Cracks can lead to parts failure that, ultimately, can result in damage to your engine or other important components of your vehicle. Having your vehicle serviced regularly and replacing parts as they start to show signs of weakness can help prevent costly damages and repairs down the road.

5. Visit Your Mobility Dealer

It’s important to take your vehicle into your mobility dealer every 5,000 miles to ensure your safety. Your dealer will be able to check the mechanical components of your vehicle and your mobility modifications, as well.

Bussani Mobility, the leading mobility van dealer in New York, can check your vehicle to ensure that it is safe and ready for all the fun summer adventures you have planned.