Wheelchair Van Financing Options

Purchasing a wheelchair van is an expensive investment that can sometimes be a challenge to afford. Thankfully, there are programs available that can help caregivers and individuals be able to afford and find the right wheelchair van financing that they need. Below are some options that can help make owning a wheelchair accessible van or SUV a reality.

– Special Financing Options: These programs include loans with extended terms, leasing packages, and more. At Bussani Mobility, we have long-standing relationships with banks and other financial institutions that understand the specialized components involved in buying an accessible vehicle.

– Veterans Administration: For qualified veterans, the Veteran’s Administration allocates funds for adaptive equipment.

– State Agencies: Every state has a Vocational Rehabilitation Program. These programs are designed to assist individuals with disabilities to remain or get back into the workforce, and they are state-funded. In some cases, they can help provide funding to make vehicle modifications.

– Mobility Rebate Programs: Mobility manufactures (including BraunAbility) and vehicle manufacturers (such as Chrysler, Ford, GM and Toyota) often offer rebate incentives for the purchase of a new vehicle that requires accessibility modification. Before purchasing a vehicle, be sure to talk to your dealer about rebate options available.

– Grants: There are several organizations that can provide information, support, and resources to individuals with specific disabilities. Reach out to your local chapter to see what information, resources, assistance, or guidance they have to offer.

– Fundraising: Social media has changed everything about how we communicate today. You’ll see people raising funds for their personal needs on sites like GoFundMe – including wheelchair accessible vehicles. The campaigns involve family, friends, neighbors, and the whole community. If you’re comfortable with it, you might even want to reach out to the local news and explain what you’re trying to do and ask if they would be interested in covering your story, helping to get your cause out there.

There are many options available for wheelchair van financing. Some require creative effort on your part. Be sure to talk to your mobility specialist at Bussani Mobility to discuss all of your options, so we can help you find the right wheelchair accessible van or SUV to fit your needs.

Three Important Questions to Ask Your Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Dealer Before You Buy

Purchasing a wheelchair accessible vehicle can be a complicated process. While researching and choosing an accessible vehicle might seem to be overwhelming to those who are just starting out, there are a few things to keep in mind that can help to simplify the process.

To start, there are three important questions to discuss with your dealer:

1. Do I need to meet with a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist before purchasing a vehicle?
Individuals with disabilities who wish to drive their mobility vehicle, will need to begin their car buying journey by completing a professional evaluation conducted by a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist. They recommend the appropriate adaptive driving solutions and work with your vehicle dealer to customize your adaptive vehicle conversion.

2. Are my safety needs and comfort being met?
The ultimate goal of an accessible vehicle is your overall safety on the road. Your certified mobility dealer will be able to explain how each piece of specialized equipment or vehicle modification can positively impact your everyday life, all while ensuring your safety, comfort and ultimately your independence.  

3. What are my financing options?
Your wheelchair van or wheelchair SUV will be a worthwhile investment into your independence, but cost still plays a big role in the decision. There are financing options available that can help to make the purchase easier to bear for those who qualify, such as funding from the VA, Medicaid Waivers, ACCES-VR and more.

At Bussani Mobility, we are committed to helping you find the right mobility vehicle for you, and to get you mobile! Check out our wide selection of new, used, and pre-owned vehicles today to find the right one for you.

How to Find a Wheelchair Van in New York

If you’re living with a physical disability, we understand that you may have added challenges to contend with in your everyday life. We also know that with the right mobility equipment, you can move about with a real sense of independence and freedom.

You can manage life’s daily tasks, visit with family and friends, and live out your dreams. We’re here to help you get mobile and enjoy your independence … as we like to say, one mile at a time.

Our customized wheelchair vans allow you to travel freely from your wheelchair or scooter. The accessible vehicles can be driven by an individual using a wheelchair or by a caregiver.

They have automatic doors and ramps, allowing you easy access to your vehicle without needing to transfer or inconvenience yourself outside of your vehicle. It’s easy to push a button on your remote key fob to open the door and ramp, and wheel into your position. The tie-down secures you safely inside. Specialized driving equipment like hand controls, foot controls and high-tech driving aids are also available.

With a wheelchair van, you can easily enter and exit your vehicle in minutes, safely. For anyone living in the busy environment of New York City and its suburbs, you know the faster you can get in and out of your vehicle, the better.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new or used conversion vehicle for the first time, or upgrading your current vehicle, it’s always a good idea to do some research online first. But then, be sure to go to a local mobility dealer to see the vehicles in person. We don’t recommend buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle entirely online, sight unseen.

When you’re ready to take the next step, call us or stop by one of our three locations in New York. Our mobility specialists will be happy to help you find the right vehicle for you at the right price for your budget.